My Asperger syndrome

I got my diagnosis The 21 December 2011.
I got to know why was my life as it was and had to explain many situations I got into the past. I was bullied at school often because I was different and weird. I’ve had a few relationships, and finally now I know why none of those relationships worked. People often tell me that I’m a diplomatic, quiet, smart, shy and reserved person.
It was very positive to know that I have AS. Now that I know my problem I can try to adjust my life so I could work better in certain situations. Time is important and it will be disastrous if anything ruining my schedule and my routine.
Unfortunately it happens changes in life all the time, every day. This means that I often become depressed. I have moved to my own apartment with supported accommodation and receive much help from supported accommodation. Supported accommodation makes my life easier and above all, I get help to communicate with authorities. I’m very afraid of people and have a hard for example to go shopping to the supermarket because there are too many people. People are mean to me new situations, changes, chaos, eye contact, crash into my schedule, in other words, nothing I like.
I like to walk in nature where as not much people.
I have no friends, because I’m afraid of change, spontaneous things and surprises. And I like it best if I’m alone, but of course I would need sometimes to talk to someone, but only when necessary.

Through investigation, I found out my difficulties and my strengths.

My strengths:

High talent
Very good logical ability
Linguistic intelligence (has quickly learned Swedish)
Works well when there is a clear structure

My difficulties:

Social interaction
difficult to understand and to read other people
do not know what to say and do when I am with others, there is misunderstanding
Eye contact
lack of understanding of social relations, what they mean


… No friends – high intelligence – prefer loneliness – need routines – are liable to conflict due to misunderstandings –interests – computers –want distance to humans – eye contact –has a strong integrity –like physics, math and problem solving –always wants to be well-prepared – do not like surprises – clear instruction … Asperger Syndrome .. . Jan Gajdosik