About me

Hello, my name is Jan Gajdosik, I was born in the Czech Republic 18.april in 1989 in small town called Jesenik. In the Czech Republic, I went to primary school (9 years) after primary school I studied three years at secondary school, where I was trained as a pastry chef.
After graduation I moved to Sweden to the town called Motala. There I learned Swedish “SFI” (Swedish for immigrants) about 2 years. Then I moved to northern Sweden, where I lived for one year. After a year, I moved back to Motala.
December 2011, I received my Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis.     For more info read HERE

My hobbies
My hobbies are mostly about music. When I was 5 years when I started learning to play the piano in the music school, the school I learned to play the piano CA 10 years and then CA 3 years accordion. So my hobbies are piano and music. I like to travel, meet new people, ride a bit, swim, walk and enjoy nature.

I like the different style of music, some of them are: jazz, blues, boogie woogie, rock & roll, clasic, pop, etc.. I can say that I play almost all styles of music on my piano 🙂